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Privacy policy

Legislative Decree No. 196, June 30, 2003, "Code for the Protection of Personal Data" aims to ensure that the processing of personal data is made in respect of the rights and dignity of persons, with particular reference to privacy and personal identity.

San Gabriele S.p.A., protects the privacy of corporate data and personal data collected in its databases.

Therefore, we wish to inform you that the data collected from San Gabriele SpA, through the Company sites are generally of public origin, that is collected from the network and other public sources, and thus not be considered sensitive data.

Only some of the data collected by services that require registration could be considered sensitive and used, with and without the use of electronic means for treatments prescribed by law.

Our pages may contain links to external sites. San Gabriel S.p.A. is not responsible for privacy policies adopted by these external sites. The owner of the data is San Gabriel S.p.A..


San Gabriele S.p.A. distributes a newsletter service available only to users who have authorized directly by subscribing to the service, or filling out a form to request information, or fill in a form to download documents on this site.

We consider expressed consent, as provided in the preceding paragraph, where, when requesting the data, San Gabriele S.p.A. duly informs about the possibility of sending newsletters and the user does not refuse.

At any time you may request removal from our information service, just by sending a request to or following the instructions given in the footnotes of the Newsletter he will receive.

Electronic Communications

The email accounts with domain: "" and "" are reserved exclusively for sending and receiving messages inherent in corporate work, and is not intended or authorized for personal use.

Therefore, the outgoing and ingoing messages will be treated as subject to ordinary business and management with its specification prepared by the company, and therefore, possibly to be read by different people.


We consider expressed consent and accepted conditions whenever you press the "Send" button you found in the request form and information form of this site.

Your personal data are stored in a database owned by San Gabriele S.p.A., which provides the appropriate technical measures to prevent the structural integrity and personal information security.
Please also note that we consider also given consent to assign its data to other entities that collaborate with San Gabriele S.p.A. for the same purpose or replace San Gabriele S.p.A. for site management

These data are adequate, relevant and not excessive, purposes and services are specified, explicit and legitimate San Gabriele S.p.A.

Copyright & Disclaimer

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