Quality is our natural choice

A path of Quality with analytical controls and expertise
At San Gabriele,the concept of Qualityhas always been synonymous with cultural and scientific growth.
Our technical team includesfood technologists, oenologists, chemists and food safety experts. Every day, we ensureongoing monitoring of raw materialsand end productsin compliance with the A.I.J.N. (European Fruit Juice Association) standard byperforming a large number of analyses.
To guarantee reliable results, we take part in the National Ring Test of the UnioneItalianaVini (Italian Wine Union), applying only methods that are officially acknowledged at an international level.

Transparency is our first choice
Every year, over 50 external audits are performed at our factory, confirming our efficiency and technical transparency, the fundamental values that we guarantee for all our customers. Since 1995,we have been members of SGF International, a German associationand a pioneer in industrial self-control in the fruit juice sector. We are also members of Sedex, anonline platform for sharing information on: Safety, Labour Standards, Business Ethics and the Environment.

Certified food safety
To ensure acknowledgement of the highest certification standards in all sales markets, in Europe and worldwide, we have chosen standards belonging only to the Global Food Safety Initiative: BRC, IFS and FSSC 22000.

For many years, we have been producing grape juice and grape juice concentrate from organic farming in accordance with Reg. (EC) 834/2007 (to date equivalent to U.S. Organic certification).
Our products are certified by the CCPB (Consortium for the Control of Organic Products).

In Japan, the JAS (Japan Agricultural Standard) regulates the production and labelling of agri-food products and processed organic products intended for the Japanese market.
The CCPB, which certifies our JAS products, has been acknowledged and accredited by the MAFF (Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing) of Japan.

Halal certification guarantees that a product follows the dictates of the Muslim religion throughout all phases of production, packaging and distribution. Our grape juice and grape juice concentrate products can be certified by Halal Global (the Control and Certification body) on request.

The physical and moral integrity of employees and collaborators is considered of primary importance for our company, therefore we have internal personnel specialised in prevention and protection in workplaces.
San Gabriele voluntarily complies with the requirements of the Legislative Decree no. 231/01 and the related management system.

San Gabriele promotes respect for and protection of the environment, undertaking to ensure compliance with existing environmental legislation during the course of all company activities.
Considerable investments have been made to save energy, including a cogeneration plant, a solar PV system and computerised systems for consumption management.
In addition, the company has two treatment plants that allow the discharge of clean water in strict accordance with applicable laws.

Company information management
All organisational processes are managed by an integrated information system, allowing company activities to be continuously coordinated, monitored and controlled in order to flexibly and promptly meet market demands.

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